reality versus dreams

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbRU-HbsqUw&list=PLlBHU2doSxxy3pZpBfL8yYnt_Jsy_EV1l CREEEEPY! I had dreams of the lead vocalist of Foxes. She is beautiful, with bangs and nice big elmond eyes. I am feeling good in the dream, saw it. I've been seeing her face in my dreams and her soul vibrates with the rest of me. I don't know how this relates to real life. There's a beating happening to the whole of me and it won't stop till I get down. ALright, so I'm currently obsessed with dreams and its effects on people, their current situation and their ability to perceive and dig deep to move forward in the future. I haven't gone mad thinking about my future, but am madly into diving into it with a smile, without pride and an attitude to move with life persevering, mildly wild and yet capable of humble love. If I'd be starting a dream journal, who knows. It sounds crazy, I just might do it right here, right now.


Billie Holiday - Gloomy Sunday (1941)

I stopped to think why on earth am I here for? Why in this world should we cry out for things we don't have? Are we really that disintegrated with reality? Doing things for the sake of money, for power and for freedom. We may not care so much about the consequences, but we're sure to reap what we sow, or just take anything that results in our inactions. We see things on the outside and pretend we didn't notice our own.


Tom Odell - Another Love (Zwette Edit)

on my way to angeles city to have an online english class with koreans...



In time, bits of goodness will be available to us Producing an explosive release for mankind NO one knows who or why it happens We just let it, like a snake uncoiling Making us reach higher grounds Away from this killer hole What have we done? I never knew I'd chase it down We go down down down Into flames of perversion You are not a device I can use TO make this head function There may be a bit of scarcity Of communication of all sorts But I know love will suffice Longer than anything in this world


painstaking love (peace without love is dead)

Tell me if you'll be leaving soon I'll prepare the tears I'll cry 'Coz they'll never come , no not tomorrow You were never there, so why why should we try When all we are is a still drawing Please, don't make me blind YOu'll never make me eat out of your palm Even if you've served up my favorite. We were so close to reaching the top Then you sprang up aching to be pampered Said I couldn't be the one to satisfy Incessant needs, like a heart needs air supply. Yes, I've come to a boiling point I've never been so hot and piercing before. So why bother cooling me down No, you're not why this is so You're not my source of heat Even if I burn up I'll never burn out.


Panicking martyr

Look, look look at you An obvious dreamer Lucid as a businessman WOn't you take me high High, high, high Up in the sky AImless, but with courage IF youmust soar on wings Mke your flight count YOu, you carefree you DOn't you stop dreaming! See see see the flawless wonders YOu don't have to ponder Why you care too much and how deep YOur love is for the world, and it pierces Innate possibilities abide because of love. Love is not going to break you It can make you but you need the pain.


wrestling with a serpent

I'm strong and so are you! How could you be so unamazed When all of this means scarcity in the form of lust I'm not my whole self, the way I was before Before when I myself succumbed to my foe My foe my foe, who is my foe? NO one, you're not fighting anything.